Course Offerings

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Students will learn the fundamentals of dance in various styles including: Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Ballet, World Dances and Musical Theater. Students develop body awareness, personal artistry & performance skills in preparation for performance in Spring Dance Concert.
Audition Required: NO
Students build upon the foundation gained in Dance I to enhance their technical skills, personal artistry and performance capabilities. Across the floor progressions, detailed improvisation exercises, and choreography phrases are delivered at an intermediate pace. Students in Dance II engage with dance history literature, anatomy and injury prevention and perform in Spring Dance Concert.
Audition Required: YES
Dance III-IV provides instruction at an advanced pace to challenge and refine coordination, flexibility, strength, stamina, and performance qualities to achieve a high level of technique and artristy. Students in Dance III-IV have additional performance opportunities throughout the year along with the Spring Dance Concert.
Audition Required: YES
Our Dance Company, Hip Hop Team, and Song Teams comprise the 3 Honors Dance Company classes. Students are held to pre-professional standards of training and performance by developing versatile dance artists who study kinesiology, nutrition, dance history, dance for camera, and dance pedagogy.
Dance Company focuses on pre-professional training and concert performance with a focus on Jazz, Contemporary, and Ballet.  This is a non-competitive group that offers the best of both worlds - conservatory style training and a school team experience.  Dancers perform in two major concerts at the Barclay Theatre, local festivals, and community events along with school performances at rallies, football games, and special events.
The Hip Hop Team participates in both local competitions and school events with a focus on performing Hip Hop styles of dance.  Students develop musicality, rhythm, and the fundamentals of hip hop while performing at school rallies, football games, special events, and local CADTD competitions.
The Song Team merges the athleticism of cheerleading with the art of dance.  The Song Team competes at both regional and national levels in Pom, Jazz, & Gameday, while also supporting our school athletic and performing arts departments. The team performs during both football and basketball seasons and also performs at pep rallies and various events throughout the year.
Audition Required: YES
Yoga courses are designed to introduce students to the basic postures, stretching techniques, and relaxation methods of yoga. Students will enhance their balance, endurance, flexibility, and stamina throughout these practice-based courses.  Class is appropriate for all abilities. 
Yoga for Athletes - This class teaches the fundamentals of yoga combined with conditioning exercises  as a supplement to athletic training.  With an emphasis on the physical practice of yoga students increase strength, flexibility, balance, and focus and is geared towards athletes looking to improve in their respective sport through the benefits of yoga.
Yoga for Wellness - This class teaches the fundamentals of yoga with an emphasis on wellbeing, stress relief, mediation, relaxation, and building healthy habits.  
NOTE: These classes are taken for credit only and is pass/no pass and is a fee-based course.This is not a UC or CSU approved course.
Audition Required: NO